Making a transformative impact on the greater community

Formed July 21st, 2023
The Cliff & Susan Rucker Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations throughout Massachusetts.

Giving Back

The Cliff & Susan Rucker Foundation is deeply committed to making a tangible difference in the Massachusetts community through our strategic grant-making initiatives. Aligned with the core values of Rucker Investments, our philanthropic endeavors are geared towards catalyzing transformative change and fostering positive outcomes for those in need.
Jewish Identity

Recent Contributions

Our support has been instrumental in advancing the mission of the Lappin Foundation, enriching Jewish identity across generations. Additionally, our recent contribution has enabled a select group of Massachusetts-based Jewish teenagers to embark on a life-changing journey to Israel through Birthright Israel. With over 850,000 participants to date, Birthright Israel offers a once-in-a-lifetime 10-day experience, immersing participants in the rich tapestry of Jewish history. Amidst a diverse community of Jewish and Israeli peers, these students had the opportunity to explore the ancient charm of Jerusalem, behold the breathtaking landscapes of the Negev Desert, and embrace the vibrant energy of Tel Aviv.

Railers HC Foundation

Since its establishment in 2016, in conjunction with the C&SR Foundation, our sports venture, the Worcester Railers, has spearheaded a foundation aimed at promoting access to sports and art programming. Over the years, this initiative has contributed over $1.4 million in cash donations and has collaborated with more than 750 local community organizations across Central Massachusetts, embodying our steadfast commitment to nurturing community well-being through diverse avenues of support.

Board Members

Clifford L. Rucker




Susan Rucker



Jennifer Barys


Mark Blaisdell


Jessica Rucker


We welcome requests that address but do not need to be limited to the following areas.

Supporting children battling the impact of parents suffering from mental illness which can result in significant impairment to normal childhood development.

Supporting organizations that combat anti-Semitism and prejudice based on race, gender, religion, ethnic background or sexual orientation.

Grants will be considered for tax-exempt organizations that meet the requirements of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.